PuroClean Microbial Warriors™ Trained to Combat Microbial Warfare

Biohazard Clean Up

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a nationwide health alert, and the World Health Organization (WHO) a multi-country alert on a new virus outbreak. The newly discovered adenovirus outbreak has been detected in 12 countries worldwide. Experts conclude that the virus is most likely to be found in locations with warm and dry temperatures. 

The contagious adenovirus can live on various surfaces anywhere from seven days to three months. Its symptoms are similar to that of the common cold or flu. Although initially linked to a hepatitis outbreak in children under 12, an adenovirus infection can affect anyone at any age. 

The adenovirus is a biorisk level 4 and needs proper training to contain its spread. A certified Microbial Warrior™ has the required training and expertise to combat the spread of the virus. PuroClean’s certified Forensic Operators® are trained and certified in the Microbial Warrior™ System, which is based on risk management and infection control sciences. The Microbial Warrior™ System utilizes forensic cleaning and professional disinfecting techniques. 

Consumers have the right to inquire about the qualifications of the person or company that they are hiring to remediate biohazard substances. We want our customers to feel confident in the remediation company they have selected. If you’ve detected an outbreak or require forensic cleaning, contact PuroClean, the only company with a serious commitment to biorisk remediation and infection control. We are proud to have certified Microbial Warriors™ on our team.

Last edited on 3rd of May 2022