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PuroClean Emergency Property and Water Damage Restoration Services in Augusta

Known by a lot of people as the home of the Master’s golf tournament every year, Augusta, Georgia is also in the center of the second-largest metro area in the state. Whether a person lives in Augusta, Martinez, Evans, or anywhere on the South Carolina side, they can count on a PuroClean specialist that is nearby. This is extremely helpful for not only disasters that pop up out of nowhere, but anyone in need of planned restoration when the time comes.

To help you reduce the losses after a crisis, we provide you with a network of restoration experts. They have helped countless people in or near Augusta recover from disasters for the past decade. Trained at the PuroClean Academy and having achieved multiple industry certifications, our franchise owners in Augusta are highly experienced in restoring disaster-struck properties. Some of the benefits of working with the PuroClean Augusta water damage restoration specialists:

Coordinating Directly With Insurance: PuroClean technicians can assist you when filing a claim for your water damage. We regularly work with various insurance agents in the Augusta area.

Fast Restoration Process: PuroClean has the ability and certified technicians to work in multiple locations of your property at once. This speeds up the process of restoration and lessens the possibility of mold and mildew. Most importantly, it allows us to finish your project expeditiously, so you can get back to life.

Local Reviews

"...very professional and told us exactly what to expect."

Lexington, SC

"Justin and his team are the best! They go above and beyond when it comes to getting the job done. As an insurance agent, I have referred many of my clients to PuroClean when they are most in need. Justin Hill is spot on. He even showed up to one of my clients house that had a water rushing in their home 15 minutes after I called him. Now that's swift response time."

Lexington, SC

"Service was outstanding and professional! PuroClean actually turned my water disaster intro a manageable task with no effort on my part...handled everything beautifully! I will definitely recommend PuroClean to my friends!"

Lexington, SC


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