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PuroClean Handles Black Water Cleanup on a Yacht

Biohazard Clean Up

In the nautical world, there are many types of vessels. Some are boats, some are schooners, and some are dinghies. And then, of course, there are yachts: the peak of luxury. However, even these elegant ships are not immune from flood damage, including blackwater. We recently were called into a marina in Jupiter, FL to mitigate black water on a superyacht.

Swabbing the Deck

Due to the recent polar vortex that struck Texas, many PuroClean franchises have gone to the state to lend a hand. Meanwhile, others have expanded their territories to cover those that traveled to help in the disaster. So, while Jupiter isn’t typically in our territory, we weren’t going to leave them high-and-dry. So, we traveled into new waters to do this job.

The luxury yacht that needed work had all the amenities overflow. When a flood involves sewage, it is then considered biohazard remediation. This is due to sewage being a type of blackwater. Blackwater is water or flood water that poses a risk of hosting contaminants and viruses. We needed special equipment to sanitize the black water residue, as well as the usual drying equipment. Unfortunately, many of the damaged materials were porous and could not be saved without the risk of contamination.

While we never met the boat owners, we did work side-by-side with the Captain. One of the biggest challenges on a boat is getting all the equipment on it and placing it in needed areas. The Captain was helpful throughout the process and provided a hand in helping us transport the equipment.

From start to finish, the job lasted six days. Then, the yacht was moved to a shipyard to finish restoring the bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. The job was difficult because of the size of the ship, but it was a rewarding experience.

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Last edited on 6th of April 2021