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Fire Safety Guidelines for Your Pet

Fire Restoration

House fires can be a traumatic experience for homeowners and pets alike. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an estimated 500,000 pets are affected annually by house fires. Interestingly, they are also responsible for starting 1,000 fires each year. We have compiled the following fire safety guidelines to safeguard your beloved pet against the dangers of house fires. 

Because pets can also be responsible for instigating house fires, prevention is ultimately the surefire way to keep them safe. Here are four ways to prevent your pet from starting a house fire: 

  • Detach stove knobs. A stovetop is the most common source of pet-related house fires. If your canine or feline companion can reach your countertops, remove the stove knobs when you leave the room.
  • Put out any open flames. Pets are prone to exploring their environment, which may feature open flames from candles, cooking appliances, and fireplaces. It is imperative to extinguish open flames if your pet is present.  
  • Utilize flameless candles. Flameless candles are much less likely to cause a fire hazard. They are considered a safer option in households with agitated or frazzled pets. 
  • Secure the fireplace. A fireplace is a potential source for a pet-related house fire. A fire can burn out of control if a tiny spark or a piece of coal lands in your pet’s fur or on the carpet. Always supervise your pet when they are near a fireplace. 
Following fire safety guidelines will further protect your pet.
When near a fireplace, make sure to supervise your pet.

In the event of a fire, your pet’s safety matters. As a responsible pet owner, make sure your pet is taken care of during a fire. Here are a few other things to consider when it comes to protecting your pets during a fire emergency: 

  • Provide your pet with a collar. A collar will easily identify your dog or cat in case of a fire.
  • Leave your pets in an accessible location. If a fire has broken out and you are not home, firefighters will have easy access to your pets. 
  • Attach a static window cling to a front window. On the static window cling, write down the number of pets inside your home. This information will assist firefighters in locating your pets faster in an emergency.
  • Secure the surrounding area. If you have outdoor pets or livestock, clear any brush, bushes, or other highly flammable vegetation. 
  • Practice your fire escape plan. Be sure to include your pets in your escape plan when practicing your escape route. If your home allows, build a doggy door for your pet so they can escape quickly.

These helpful tips can ensure your peace of mind when it comes to protecting your pet from house fires. Learn more about pet emergency preparedness here. In the event of a fire, contact the PuroClean professionals for immediate fire and smoke damage restoration. We are available 24/7 to assist you. To connect with your nearest PuroClean office, please call (800) 775-7876. 

Last edited on 19th of May 2022