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PuroClean Emergency Property and Water Damage Restoration Services in Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights can rely on the same services from different companies as anyone else in the greater Detroit area. Anyone in all of Macomb County understands that they have a few PuroClean options to choose from. As the city continues to grow and build out a bit, it is in need of more professional services to help out when anything happens. That includes property damage, and quick turnaround time is one of the calling cards for the company as well.

For PuroClean to help you in mitigating losses during an emergency, we have a network of remediation professionals ready to serve you. Our professionals have assisted residents in and around Sterling Heights for more than ten years successfully remediate their personal and business disasters. All of our technicians have attended PuroClean Academy and have obtained additional industry certifications. These technicians possess extensive experience in the restoration of properties that have been hit by disaster. Following are just a few benefits of choosing PuroClean Sterling Heights water damage restoration specialists:

Coordination with Your Insurance: Our technicians will help you file a claim with your insurance company. PuroClean of Sterling Heights often works with local insurance companies.

Speedy Restoration Process: We prioritize the speed of your water restoration emergency and get you back into your home or business as quickly as possible. PuroClean will use numerous technicians to work in different areas to remediate the project fast and efficiently.

Local Reviews

Faster than greased Monkeys on roller skates, they were out at my house after Cthulu rose from my toilet. They saved from a literal nightmare! Highly recommended!

Bloomfield Hills

I had a recommendation to call PuroClean after a flood that I had in my condo. I called them at 8:45 at night expecting to leave a message but someone answered and said they could come out the next day and they did. They arrived at the time they gave me and were very professional and did a great job . A flood is stressful enough and they made it less stressful. I highly recommend.

Bloomfield Hills

PuroClean was the second company to come into my home and help clean up after a leak that also caused mold to grow. The first company left water which caused the mold to bloom further. PuroClean was very fast at coming in, assessing the further damage, cleaning the mold, and ensuring that my home was safe to inhabit again. I always felt confident in their advise as well as their quality of work. Their honesty was apparent from the first phone call to the last contact. PuroCleans prices were amazing and if I ever need professional cleaning again I will call them first! I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Canton, MI


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