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PuroClean Emergency & Property Restoration Services in Shepton

As leaders in the restoration industry, PuroClean provides professional restoration services in Shepton and nearby areas. We currently serve Shepton by providing a variety of services including local Shepton water damage restoration, smoke and fire damage restoration, biohazard cleanup, mold remediation and much more. We serve both residential and commercial clients.

To help you mitigate the losses after a crisis, we provide you with a network of 5 restoration experts. They have helped countless residents in or near Shepton recover from disasters for the past decade. Trained at the PuroClean Academy and having achieved multiple industry certifications, our franchise owners in Shepton are highly experienced in restoring disaster-struck properties.

Whether you’ve experienced flooding, fire damage, or biohazard situation, our PuroClean Restoration Specialists are always ready to come to your aid. They also coordinate with your insurance company to ensure the mitigation & restoration work goes smoothly.

For professional restoration services in Shepton, TX, please scroll down or use the map to find your nearest PuroClean location.

Local Reviews

Gerry was excellent to work with. He was flexible enough to work with our crazy schedules and was always right on time. He was exceptionally knowledgeable and provided sound advice. Call him BEFORE you call your insurance company! He checked out several areas we had issues and we are very pleased with the work he performed. The level of service we received was way beyond our expectations and he was really great with our two big dogs. One really to a liking to him, and that's always a good sign. Definitely call Gerry, you'll be glad you did.

Plano, TX

"Ryan is an awesome dude, great to work with, and very knowledgeable."

Keller, TX

I love everyone over at Puro Clean! Chris and the whole crew know what they are doing! They are so caring and very knowledgeable! I have learned so much from them! They have provided me with great tips and advice. One example is showing me how to turn off the water from my home! They will be there for you from the very beginning of the damage/loss, until the very end! Thank you Puro Clean! you guys are amazing. If you are looking for a company that is honest, really cares and will get the job done, please give them a call!

Arlington, TX


Am I responsible for my deductible?

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