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October 31, 2018

Q&A with Steve White, COO of PuroClean

by PuroClean Editorial Team

Below is a conversation with COO, Steve White and Franchise Chatter (franchisechatter.com).

In this exclusive Q&A, we get to learn more about PuroClean’s PuroVet program from the company’s COO, Steve White.

Franchise Chatter (FC): Tell us about PuroClean’s PuroVet program.

Steve White (SW): PuroClean believes that military veterans are community-oriented, fiercely determined, an d passionate about improving the lives of others – all of which make for great PuroClean franchise owners. As a result, we launched our PuroVet program in 2017. Many of PuroClean’s top franchise owners come from a military background or family and are successful at our company because they can independently operate a business while following an organized system.

PuroVet offers veterans a discounted rate of $12,500 off the initial franchise fee. We also offer additional savings from equipment vendors and MatchU Franchising, who will reduce their commission by 25 percent for all veterans the company matches with PuroClean. Franchise owners also benefit from training at our $1.2 million state-of-the-art training facility, the largest territories in the industry, and access to several financing options.

Most recently, PuroClean held a contest for military veterans to win a free PuroClean franchise. The winner will be announced in November on Military Makeover: Operation Career on the Lifetime Network, and the veteran will have his or her initial franchise fee covered – creating an opportunity to own and operate a successful business and enjoy a financially-secure future.

FC: Why is PuroClean investing much of the company’s time and resources toward recruiting military veterans?

SW: Military veterans have sacrificed so much for our country, and we want to offer them an opportunity to have a successful second career. Veterans have proven themselves to be strong leaders who successfully follow the processes set up by a franchise system and work until the job is done. As a result, many of PuroClean’s top franchise owners are veterans.

PuroClean’s commitment to helping veterans succeed at the company earned us a spot on the Military Times Best Franchises of 2018 list.

FC: As a military veteran having served in the Army, how has your time in service impacted your business acumen leading PuroClean?

SW: During my time in the Army, I served under many great leaders who taught me everything I know about leadership. Most importantly, I learned the difference between management and leadership.

Management is centered on assigning responsibilities and ensuring tasks are completed efficiently. However, leadership emphasizes taking a team approach and working through a task or problem together. The Army focuses on pure leadership and my experience taught me how to effectively lead and organize in my role as COO of PuroClean.

As a result of my experience, I am committed to creating new business opportunities for fellow veterans in the franchise space. In March of 2018, I traveled to Washington D.C. and met with several members of the U.S. Congress on behalf of PuroClean and the International Franchise Association to discuss veteran initiatives in franchising and why veterans make successful franchisees. Additionally, I am a member of the IFA’s VetFran committee, which promotes veteran entrepreneurship through franchising.

Since I’ve served as COO, I’ve placed a focus on growing PuroClean’s base of veteran franchise owners. They play an integral role in PuroClean’s overall expansion plan.

FC: How successful are PuroClean veterans transitioning to business ownership after leaving the service. Can you give some examples of veteran owners who have seen success in your system?

SW: Many of PuroClean’s top franchise owners are veterans. As an example, Doug Ballie, a PuroClean franchise owner in Arizona since 2013, spent more than 30 years in the Navy which laid a solid foundation for his transition to entrepreneurship. He compares being a PuroClean franchise owner to being the captain of your own ship. As a part of the PuroClean family, Doug can operate his own business and make critical decisions, but can rely on backup from the PuroClean corporate team and his fellow franchise owners.

Another example of a successful franchisee at PuroClean is Chris Sanford, who transitioned from being a successful officer in the Navy to a successful PuroClean franchise owner and member of our prestigious President’s Circle. Chris continues his service in the Navy Reserve to this day.

At PuroClean, veterans will have an opportunity to apply the leadership skills they’ve developed during their service, while also relying on a robust support system.