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January 11, 2019

Relentless Customer Service

by PuroClean Editorial Team
Bob Jordan and Steve Crane
L-R: Bob Jordan, PuroClean owner in Lynnwood, WA; Steve Crane, PuroClean owner in Powhatan, VA

At PuroClean, we follow a mantra that guides our everyday work. That mantra is “Relentless Customer Service.” It represents our commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction, even if it means sometimes helping less fortunate property owners with free restoration services.

Take for example, Bob Jordan, owner of PuroClean Northwest in Lynnwood, WA, who made the recent holiday season a very special one for a family in his local market. One late night right before Christmas, Bob’s office was called to a home in an indigent area of town through an insurance agency referral. There were small kids in the home, the mother was expecting a baby, and the Christmas tree was up.

It turns out there was a leak below the home. After having some trouble getting into the small crawl space, one of Bob’s technicians, John, was able to fit. He suited up and went in to inspect the crawl space. The team spent about an hour and a half at the house, pulling out wet insulation and fortunately finding the source of the leak. They discussed the situation with the homeowner, who told them he had a $1,000 deductible and he’d prefer to get a loan from his father for the bill instead of using insurance. Eventually, after Bob and team described the problem, the homeowner said he could fix it himself.

Throughout the job, the homeowner was very polite and respectful, and appreciated Bob and his team coming to their rescue so late at night.  When the time came for Bob to inform the homeowner about the bill, he thought about all of the job’s expenses and came up with the total. It was upon going to tell the homeowner the cost that Bob took a last look at the kids, their mom, and the Christmas tree, and decided that he would charge the family nothing. He and his team departed, wishing the very grateful family a Merry Christmas.

As a business owner, Bob made a decision to bless this family with a Christmas gift they would never forget, and we are so proud of his generosity.

In a similar situation, Steve Crane, owner of PuroClean Restoration Professionals in Powhatan, VA, recently performed a remediation job at a house that was infested with mold throughout. The home belonged to an elderly couple and the gentleman was blind. Steve noticed that one of the family members was a member of the Red Tails in WW2.

After running multiple air scrubbers and cleaning all the walls and as many contents as physically possible, Steve opted not to charge the family for the job. This decision is an example of how Steve teaches his crew the importance of going beyond for the customer and doing whatever it takes to ensure the homeowner has a positive experience.

These stories are only two of many in which PuroClean franchise owners exemplify Relentless Customer Service and support their communities to the best of their ability.