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Opiniones Locales

Mr Kelly and workers were very respectful, helpful, and worked hard. These gentlemen provided exceptional customer service, patience, and were very detailed oriented. The mold remediation services along with recommendations for another project is greatly appreciated. I would highly suggest this company. Thank you.


As a Property Manager, I have had several situations where I have needed restoration work. PUROCLEAN has never let me down and always exceeds my exceptions. Their communication is unlike anyone else I have used, they are always available at the drop of a dime to get there and help get it right. I would highly recommend them and would use them for my own home!

Portland, OR

If you've had the unfortunate experience of having your basement flooded and need help, PuroClean is the company to call. We live in Chicago but the company sent people here from New York to help. We used them recently after a particularly bad rain which flooded our entire basement ruining my husband's office along with all the walls where we had drywall. Randall from PuroClean showed up with his crew and took care of every last detail and conducted the hard work of assessing the damage for insurance purposes, removing all affected drywall, carpet and lower kitchen cupboards in the area. They moved a large number of very heavy storage units and carefully removed all the boxes and other personal belongings we had to thoroughly decontaminate and spray to insure we would not have a mold problem in the future. He and his crew were not only competent but worked hard and very efficiently. They were very respectful of our belongings and made sure they included us in the process to assure our belongings went where we could access them. I was extremely impressed with the way Randall and his crew conducted business and would recommend them to anyone. They saved us a tremendous amount of work which would have been extremely burdensome if we were left to it by ourselves.

Chicago, IL

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La única manera para poder nombrar un tipo de moho es traer una muestra a un laboratorio calificado. [...]

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Los riesgos biológicos son cualquier contaminante biológico como los que se encuentran en las aguas residuales, moho, o cualquier contaminación viral o bacteriana como MRSA. Los peligros biológicos también incluyen [...]

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¿Ustedes arreglan pisos de madera dañados por el agua?

Sí-incluyendo subsuelos, reconstrucción y reacabado. Las reparaciones necesarias dependen de muchos factores. [...]

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¿Cuáles son algunas de las principales causas del fuego?

[Vídeo] Los incendios son causados principalmente por hojas secas, cableado o equipo eléctrico defectuoso, estufas y hornos desatendidos, velas desatendidas, niños que juegan con fuego, líquidos inflamables y tabaquismo descuidado. [...]

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